goVia MOVE

A lightweight, wearable on-the-go device that includes nationwide cellular coverage on AT&T. The device has optional wearable help buttons that, when pressed from up to 300 feet of the base station device, will connect users to operators.

  • While on the go, the water-resistant device can be worn on a belt or tucked into a purse or pocket
  • While at home, the device can remain on the charging station and the optional wearable help button can be worn as a neck pendant or wristband. Wearable buttons will not connect to operators if outside the 300 ft. range from the device
  •  Track the device location using GPS and AT&T cellular service. Service requires a location with access to this cellular network
  • Up to 24-hour battery life with a single charge for living life on the go

Move confidently with goVia MOVE.

Common goVia MOVE Questions

Do I need the standalone MOVE device around for the wearable buttons to operate?
Yes, in order for your help buttons to be connected to trained emergency operators, you must be within 300ft of the MOVE device.

Can I add Auto Fall Detection to this system? 
With the goVia MOVE you have the option to add-on Automatic Fall Detection for an additional monthly cost.

Do I need WiFi or a landline to use the goVia MOVE?
No, the goVia MOVE operates on AT&T nationwide cellular coverage. Access to the cellular coverage will be needed for service.